Risk Management is the Main Difference Between Trading and Gambling

Think about this example, let say you had $100,000 dollars, would you open a Supermarket store if you knew nothing about how the retail industry work? I guess everyone knows the answer to this question, then how do you expect to make easy money out of trading without the necessary skills, knowledge and training. A lot of new traders who does not know how to manage risk, see trading as some kind of easy money train. Lazy people who does not understand the value of work, and the role it plays in getting you what you want are the primary targets of Internet marketers who never trade before and yet want to sell them their trading systems promising them that they will make a lot of money.

My advise, If you want to learn to trade for ex,equities.commodities, or options get ready and be prepared to struggle, work hard and the learn the rules of the industry before you can of making any money to support your family. Trading is not gambling but it is like any other business endeavor, nothing is guaranteed. You must do the necessary work, and learn your business in order to increase the probability of success. Keep in mind, if you trade without any solid skill set or quality tools, you are gambling much like gambling in a casino or at the racetrack. If you do not want what you are doing the odds are firmly in favor of the market, meaning that sooner or later you will loose all your hard earned money.


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